Jul 18

Anonymous said: Do you think there are more popular shorter models in the international side of Fashion? I feel like there has been a lot of shorter models since the appearance of Cara, Georgia may Jagger and Lottie Mossx

Well, I mean, yeah there are a few shorter popular models around, but I don’t know if it’s a new or more ‘international’ thing - Kate Moss is the obvious one, she has been around forever, Zippy Seven is short and from NZ, Anja Konstantinova is something like 5’3”, Bambi is short and from Australia. Maybe it’s more ‘acceptable’, now?

One thing I do have to say about shorter models that are popular - I would say they make up for their lack of height with personality or an incredible face. 

Jul 14

Anonymous said: Does your brother wear Moscots? If yes, did he purchase them in NZ or elsewhere? Thank you. P.S. I realise this question may have been asked a 1000 times before.

Yes, and yes. I’m pretty sure Black Box stocks them. 

witchfinders said: yo, can you tell me where the long navyish coat from /page/5 is pls? thanks

Assume you mean this:

The brand is Penny Sage, it’s Winter 2014 (Southern Hemisphere) so I’m not sure if you will still be able to get it. See here.

Anonymous said: Are you going to post Kelly's latest post about rich girls? I really wanna read it

I’m mulling it over. I might have to edit it before I do, and just to clarify, it’s five things she hates about ‘teenage girls with inherited wealth’. 

Jul 13


projector photos


projector photos





Jul 09

Anonymous said: HELP! Where can i get good basic jumpers for under 100? I'm going crazy trying to find a nice plain grey jumper. Grrr. x

Hey, okay so are you talking about knitwear? I assume you’re talking knitwear. If not, you can get a plain crew neck sweater from AS Colour for like, NZ$45.00. I’m also going to assume you’re female and live in New Zealand. 

Have you tried ASOS? Or Country Road - this is NZ$109, same with this.

Uniqlo ships to Australia, if you know someone there who can get it shipped to you, you could get a cashmere sweater for like NZ$180. I got one for Ben which I wear sometimes which is really good. I got a lambswool mens one from Uniqlo in the states and it was like, $50 or something. They do really good basic knits. 

Glassons? Max? You kind of get what you pay for with $100. 

You could try mens stores too - Barkers do a lambswool sweater for $149.00

Jul 06

Anonymous said: Do you think you're a negative person?

Hmm yeah, a lot of the time. Pretty pessimistic. Or realistic. 

Yeah, you walk away.
Photo: James K Lowe.

Yeah, you walk away.

Photo: James K Lowe.

Anonymous said: Is Olivia Lefebre gonna be world famous soon?

Hard to say mate, hard to say. 

Anonymous said: do you know of any good places in auckland, wellington or online that sell really nice swimsuits? I have been looking for sooo long to no avail.

Are we talking bikinis or one pieces or both? Give me the definition of ‘nice swimsuits’ and I will find some options for you.

Anonymous said: Unsure if this is intentional but occasionally the answers to your questions come across disinterested, even a touch snarky. If you don't want people to ask questions; disable the ask function. If you think their questions are dumb/dull/uniteresting; don't answer them. There's no point perpetuating facetiousness. It's much easier to judge you for an answer than critique the person who asked the question.

Sometimes I answer things on my phone and I hate typing on that thing so I keep it short, which might come across disinterested or snarky. It’s most often not intentional.  

I know you might be sending me this as constructive criticism or to help me get better at catering to readers, but also - it’s much easier to not go onto my tumblr and read my Q&As than to do so and feel annoyed about it. 

Anonymous said: I'm a girl, how do I wear a baseball/snap-back/5-panel whatever hat without looking like i'm trying too hard? I see people around in them and they pull it off so well but i'm a bit apprehensive...

Just own it, man. If you don’t feel comfortable, you’ll project that. 

Also at the end of the day, who cares what other people think about what you’re wearing if it’s what you want to wear?

Jul 02

Anonymous said: Do you know when winter collections go on sale? Sale as in reduced prices.


Anonymous said: What would you wear to a special formal event if you could pick anything you wanted

Probably something I couldn’t afford - Prada or Celine or Chanel or something.