Aug 29

White on white on white, grey beanie. 

White on white on white, grey beanie. 

Caught Marnie an iPhone twinkle backstage today.

Caught Marnie an iPhone twinkle backstage today.

Aug 25

Photo: James K Lowe

Photo: James K Lowe

Juliette Perkins in Penny Sage SS14-15.
Photo: James K Lowe.

Juliette Perkins in Penny Sage SS14-15.

Photo: James K Lowe.

Aug 24

Anonymous said: what were your thoughts on what Pebbles said in that herald interview where lots of people got angry at her?

I’m indifferent. The thing is, she was asked 12 questions and she gave her opinion. People got angry but there’s always going to be people that don’t share the same opinion as you, and I don’t think that’s an issue. Not everyone thinks the same way, and if your opinion is out there in a public forum, it’s open to judgement (at least that’s what I think).  

That counts for public tweets as well. Anything you personally put in a public forum is open to judgement and you should never be surprised if people don’t agree with whatever you’ve put out there. 

Anonymous said: Yo, I recall you doing a post on Lonely lingerie some time earlier this year possibly? Anyway i'm under the impression you have one. I'm buying one of the bras for a friend's birthday so I was wondering if you found them to be a true to size fit or would you recommend buying up/down a size?

It really depends on the style. I have two in my usual size and they fit. 

Aug 22

Anonymous said: i enjoy reading your blog and looking at your photos, but why did you and your friends react so pathetically to a twitter/instagram user who disliked your viva article?

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I don’t know why I engaged them, I don’t ever usually respond to that kind of stuff but for some reason unbeknownst to me, when someone sent me a link to the tweet I read the things, thought they were kind of funny and favourited them. Yeah, maybe it was passive aggressive but I’m human - I saw it, I responded to it, it wasn’t well received and it’s done and we’ve all just moved on. If I’m being completely honest, I feel really annoyed at myself that I even bothered engaging, because with all those kinds of things, responding gets you nowhere and people get agitated and nothing is achieved, so yeah, it was a mistake. 

I don’t expect everyone to like everything I do, that would be ridiculous. And I think once you put something in a public forum - whether it’s your own opinion on a public twitter/a blog/whatever it’s open to criticism and feedback and if you don’t want either of those things then it’s like, don’t put it out there. So with the Viva article, yeah, people can say what they like and I expected there to be a bunch of people who wouldn’t like it. 

At the end of the day, people are just people and everyone has opinions and can choose to voice them (publicly or otherwise) or not and no one has control over it, so I guess it’s like, why worry?

Aug 21

Anonymous said: My friend and I want to have a joint birthday party (not party party btw) for our 17th. What are some cool ideas?

Go somewhere nice for dinner. Book a private room at a restaurant and go with your friends. Go away for the weekend with your friends - rent a bach on Waiheke or something. Or go to Jump or ActionWorld. I haven’t been to the latter two but I feel like it would be fun. 

Anonymous said: Did u and Ben break up

Lol, he wishes. 

We’re going to NY in a couple of weeks, still trucking along. The heartbreak comment on my blog was in relation to a friend of mine. 

Anonymous said: What newer models are you hoping to see this year at new zealand fashion week?

I did a post on new faces to watch at NZFW for Viva, here

Aug 18

8080088080 said: random question: when photograph a model, do you instruct them to do particular movements or are they naturally flowing through different movements while you shot?

I give direction most of the time, how much is dependant on how experienced the model is and whether they’re giving me what I want!

Anonymous said: Hey what foundation do you use and would recommend? I'd love to see a make up post on your blog, just when you do something for a special occasion? x

I go between Chanel Vitalumiere and a Bobbi Brown one mostly, but I hear Nars Sheer Glow is the way to go, I’m going to try it next. 

Aug 14

Anonymous said: What shows are you going to at NZFW this year? If you dont mind my asking, do you just decide which shows pique your interest and go along or do you need an invite from the designer?

I have a list of things I will definitely make the effort to go to, the rest I will go to depending on time. I am contributing to a publication in addition to my blog this year so I might be a bit busy!

You need invites to every individual show at fashion week. (Not to be confused with fashion weekend, which is consumer based so can buy tickets to shows.)

Anonymous said: Hey Katherine, thanks for posting the international delegates list for NZFW- just wondering if you knew if any of the antipodean bloggers were heading this way (thinking GaryPepper, Natalie Cantell, Harper and Harley etc) ?

I’m pretty sure Natalie is coming, I seriously doubt the other two are. 

Anonymous said: Hey Kath urgent question!!! what size Isabel Marant Fujiyama sweater did you go with and what's the fit like on you? thank you!!

I went with a 36, I could’ve sized up to have a bit baggy, but I have heaps of baggy sweaters so I opted for smaller.